LED Neon Letter Sign

V Design is among the top Neon signboards manufacturers. The LED neon signboards and Neon Display board made by V Design give the lighting effect of the traditional neon lights, but it has higher efficiency, lower power consumption and more durability. The LED neon signboards are made of have flexible LED strips with different LEDs present on them. The type, colour, size, and IC of these LEDs determine the colour, brightness, effect and temperature of colour of the LED neon signboards produced by V Design.

As Neon signboards manufacturers, V design makes the latest LED neon signboards are affordable, easy to use, and have variety of uses. The new Neon Display board, have a wide range of applications, therefore, they are becoming more and more popular with our clients.

Shop our fantastic range of LED neon signboards and Neon Display Boards and get an excellent neon effect sign for your shop, office, hotel, restaurant and business. Our LED Neon display Boards are aesthetic and cool – whatever our customers want, we get them made it for them.

Our colourful LED neon signboards and LED neon display boards come with a warranty and prices that are hard to beat.

Affordable, lightweight, durable and energy-efficient – V Design trendy LED neon display boards to tick all the boxes.

Our LED neon signboards are made by us using high quality LED flex fixed in flex rubber tubing which is mounted on a clear backboard in various colours and styles and we provide our LED neon signboards and Neon Display Boards with power adapter and a cord plugged into the power adapter. The long cable makes it easy to place or hang your new LED neon signboard anywhere you want.

Among Neon signboards manufacturers, V design is a company that gives its customers the choice to customize their LED neon signboards with their favourite colours.

V design customers can also get a personalized Neon Display Board with their Business, Event name or even their own name written in large in colourful neon letters which is perfect for Restaurants, Cake Shops, Shops, birthday parties and even home decor.

Our LED Neon Signboards weigh less and are much easier to transport and to carry. This makes them easily transportable and very ideal for events and party decoration.

We have a fantastic range of Neon Display boards, word signs. Our cool LED neon signboards range includes neon signs and neon words that look like real glass neon but they are unbreakable, heat resistant, and affordable.

Our high-quality Neon Display board lights and LED Neon Sign boards are perfect for use for branding, decoration, signboard, wall decor, etc.

LED neon sign boards consume low energy making them more cost effective to power than real glass neon, along with this they are also long-lasting, with a durability to work for about 50,000 hours.

V design NEON display board have zero toxic gases, and are made without glass which makes them tough to break and more durable, and they do not heat up which makes them safe to touch.

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  • Size : 6mm x 12mm, 8mm x 16mm
  • Material Options – Neon Flex PVC, Neon Flex Silicon
  • UV-Resistant – Neon Flex Silicon – not easy to fade.
  • Installation Options:- Surface mounted, Raceway, Rooftop, Custom


LED Neon Letter Sign

Retail Sign

LED Neon Letter Sign

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LED Neon Letter Sign

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LED Neon Letter Sign


LED Neon Letter Sign

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LED Neon Letter Sign

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