Digital Print & Translucent Vinyl Flex Back-Lit

Flexible face signs are the preferred choice for corporate sign programs, and one-time sign applications for backlit signs. A great way to catch the eye of passing traffic. They are less likely to be damaged in high winds, easier to install and less expensive.

Source of Illumination - (Energy Efficient LEDs)

Minimum - 8'00" sq.ft.

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Options, Finish & Details

  • Flex Material Options – Star Flex, LG High Flex, 3M, ……
  • Vinyl Material Options – LG, 3M
  • Finish – Back to Back Printing on Flex Face or Transculent Vinyl cutting & pesting on Flex.
  • 6″ to 8″ Depth Box made from Hollow Pipe, Mounting Profile, ACP sheet.
  • Single or Double Sided Options avaiable.
  • Installation :- Surface Mounted, Rooftop, Pylon, Lollipop, Hanging, M.S Fabricated Structure, Custom …


Digital Print ,Translucent Vinyl

Advertising Hoarding

Digital Print ,Translucent Vinyl


Digital Print ,Translucent Vinyl