Acrylic Side Letter Sign

Cost Effective form of Letter Construction. Manual Bended Acrylic sides for acrylic cut-out letters. This form of Letters/Logo is their all acrylic construction. and inside Reverse Letter with 3mm thick Aluminium Composite Back with GI sides or 10mm Thick Foam Sheet.

Source of Illumination - (Energy Efficient LEDs)

Minimum Height - 4" (but depends on fonts style & design.)

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Options, Finish & Details

  • Options : sides – Depth 2″ & 3″
  • Sides :- Transculant Acrylic or colored Opaque Acrylic as per Acrylic Face or Background.
  • Acrylic Face – solid color or with vinyl or with vinyl print
  • Installation Options:- Surface Mounted, Raceway, Rooftop, Custom


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